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No, none of the coverage offered by credit cards includes Civil Liability Coverage.
At Budget we are interested in your well-being, we invite you to verify with the issuing bank of your credit card.
For more information: visit, or

It is determined by the level of responsibility that you acquire with Budget Mexico at the time of renting the vehicle.
It is generally directly related to the market value of the car and the coverage you decide to purchase with us.
In the event that you decide to decline all our coverage, you will be fully responsible for possible damage to the vehicle and the authorization requested from your credit card will be significantly higher.

Budget Mexico accepts most major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

The resources in the account linked to your debit card do not constitute a line of credit, therefore, it is not possible to request a guarantee on them.
This means can be used as a form of payment at the end of the vehicle rental, but the only way to constitute the guarantee at the time of contracting the operation is on a credit card.

At BudgetMéxico our clients are the most important thing.
Part of our service is to inform you of the importance of the contingencies involved in renting a car.
Remember that none of the coverage offered by credit cards includes Civil Liability Coverage, ask the issuing bank of your credit card for more information.
The coverages that Budget Mexico makes available to you are designed to offer you security and peace of mind.
In the event of an accident, allow us to become fully involved in its resolution and to offer all the necessary support, so that you, as far as possible, continue with your plans.

The Civil Liability Coverage provides protection to the insured if a third party (who is not a passenger in the vehicle) demands compensation for damages suffered by an event that causes death, injury or impairment of health in his person (personal damage). , or the deterioration or destruction of their property (material damage). In such a case, the driver of the vehicle is responsible.

The recent changes to the Federal Civil Code in Mexico, generated important adjustments in the insured amounts of Civil Liability Coverage by increasing compensation for deaths.

Currently, the contingency for death is a minimum of 5,000 days of minimum wage, in a simple way, the risk for the driver of a car multiplied. At Budget Mexico we offer basic civil liability coverage of $750,000 (seven hundred and fifty thousand pesos 00/100 M.N.).

We also recognize that this may be insufficient and, therefore, we have a supplementary coverage (SLI) that covers up to a total of $3,000,000 (Three million pesos 00/100 M.N.).
This supplemental coverage offers you much better protection and peace of mind. Ask for costs and additional information at our counters.

No. All our coverages are optional and additional, however, we recommend acquiring one or more of them so that your trip is calm and safe.

Remember that the insurance offered by credit card issuers never includes Civil Liability Coverage, in addition, they require compliance with a series of requirements that we invite you to know at or

If you finally decide to decline our coverage, please consider that you will be fully responsible for the damages that the rental vehicle may suffer. In addition, it will also be responsible for the damages that could be caused to third parties in their property or their persons.
Remember that the bank authorization on your line of credit will be directly related to the level of responsibility that you acquire with Budget at the time of renting the vehicle.
Let us advise you and offer you a coverage plan according to your needs and that allows you to travel with peace of mind.

From 18 years of age.

Up to 2 additional drivers can be added per rental agreement. Remember that, by registering the drivers in the rental contract, will be the only way you can make them participate in the benefits and responsibilities considered in the rental contract. The payment per additional driver is $120.00 + VAT. The operation of the vehicle by persons who are not duly authorized within the rental contract will invalidate the benefits of the rental contract.

Of course, you just have to enter our website from your Smartphone and start your reservation.

To know the availability of our services, please call 01-800-002-8343 from Mexico and 1 (800) 801-0365 from USA/CAN.

Yes. If the operation begins and ends within the same city, no additional procedures will take place.
If you want to deliver the car in a city other than the one where your rental contract originated, a charge called "Drop off" will take effect.
For more information, call 01-800-002-8343 from Mexico and 1 (800) 801-0365 from USA/CAN.S

Yes it is possible, we carry out a security protocol to safeguard your personal information, as well as avoid patrimonial risks.
The person who shows up must present the credit card with which the prepayment was made at the time of going for the car and signing the rental contract..

Our rental units have approved all current environmental verification programs.
Consequently, the provisions of the Hoy No Circula Program do not present major complications in the operation of our fleet. For more information see:

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