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Embark on a fascinating journey through the state of Jalisco, where cultural wealth, natural beauty, and authenticity intertwine in every corner. With Budget Mexico as your ally, discover the magic of Tlaquepaque, Mazamitla, Tequila, and Tapalpa. From traditional craftsmanship to agave fields, immerse yourself in the essence of Jalisco and create unforgettable memories in these charming Magical Towns. Your adventure begins here!

Tlaquepaque: Tradition and Tapatio Art

We start our journey in Tlaquepaque, where the essence of Guadalajara is manifested in every corner. Its cobbled streets house workshops of local artisans, offering an authentic cultural experience. Explore the Main Square, full of color and life, and immerse yourself in the rich craft tradition of Jalisco.


Mazamitla: Fresh Air in the Sierra Tapalpa

Head to the Sierra de Tapalpa to discover Mazamitla, a Magical Town surrounded by forests and natural beauty. The Main Square will welcome you with its rural charm, and the alpine cabins offer a cozy stay. Embark on a unique experience in the Forest of Fireflies, adding a magical touch to your visit.


Tequila: Between Agaves and Tradition

Our next destination takes us to Tequila, the birthplace of the famous national drink. Tour the distilleries to learn about the making of tequila, from the agave fields to the tasting of this spirituous beverage. The beauty of the agave fields and the cultural richness make Tequila an unmissable place.


Tapalpa: Serenity in the Sierra

We close our journey in Tapalpa, a Magical Town that offers a mix of serenity and adventure. Explore its cobbled streets, visit the Church of San Antonio, and take advantage of the opportunities for hiking and outdoor activities. Tapalpa invites you to experience the authenticity of Jalisco in a charming natural setting.

To explore these Magical Towns at your own pace, rent a car with Budget Mexico. Enjoy the freedom to discover the magic of Jalisco while immersing yourself in the rich culture, natural beauty, and hospitality of these charming destinations. May your adventure in Jalisco be unforgettable!