Loyalty Budget Business Program

Save even more on car rentals in Mexico while earning exclusive perks for you and your company with our easy-to-join Budget Business Program.


What benefit does renting offer?

  • checkExclusive service for companies
  • checkNo cost for access to the program
  • checkVehicles of all makes and models
  • checkNo unit purchase investment
  • checkConsulting on business image
  • checkFree of maintenance and management
  • checkDeadlines according to your preferences

Learn more about the program

This is the name given to medium and long-term vehicle lease contracts in which, for a fixed monthly rent, it is possible to access the usufruct of a vehicle without worrying about the charges that represent its administration and management.

The use of a vehicle without worrying about all those concepts related to its maintenance and management. Financially, the monthly rent represents a merely operational expense. And being an income, the car does not become part of the company's assets.

Individuals with business activities, SMEs, corporations and any economic entity that requires transportation and considers that this should be an expense, not an investment.

No. The monthly fee is fixed for the duration of the contract and is based on the characteristics of the contracted vehicle. This fee will already include the use, mileage, maintenance and coverage (according to the conditions of the contract).

As many services and benefits as you consider prudent, including:

  • checkTenencias locales y federales
  • checkCumplimiento con los programas de verificación vehicular en materia ambiental
  • checkCobertura para el vehículo y sus ocupantes (sujeto a los términos y condiciones del contrato)
  • checkPosibilidad de obtener “auto substituto”
  • checkHasta 2 mantenimientos preventivos por año
  • checkCambio de llantas una vez cada 12 meses
  • checkNuestro menú de servicios es amplio puede usted elegir lo que mejor se ajuste a sus necesidades y presupuesto.

Definitely. Our scheme offers enormous efficiency. In addition, by not requiring an investment to purchase the units, it allows the flow to be used in purely operational matters.

Considering a fixed income, allows the creation of budgets according to the operation with the peace of mind that they will not be affected by variations in vehicle rental. In addition, they do not require a significant decapitalization to start the Renting Budget contract. The level of indebtedness for Income Statement purposes does not increase.

The amount of the rent is a purely operational expense. In addition, the initial investment is so low that it generates great efficiency in the cash flow of your company. Consequently, the lines of credit available to your company can be invested directly in operating processes. From 12 months, we offer terms according to your preferences.

We offer vehicles of all makes and models. Our range will allow you to select the version that best suits your needs.

At Budget Mexico we will offer advice to make it easier for you to print your business image on the fleet.

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